Tax administration responses to COVID-19: Measures taken to support taxpayers

  • For the time being, taxpayers are allowed to send via email any required documentation related to their duties as such, including the accreditation of domicile, accreditation of professional title for health professionals, etc. Any results or, where necessary, requests for further information will be made via email.
  • Given the exceptional current situation, the SII has implemented extraordinarily, a system to authorise the issuance of electronic invoices to taxpayers. These invoices will be issued in accordance with the taxpayer’s default risk and specific situation. This measure allows the operation of the taxpayer’s businesses and moreover any unnecessary travel to the SII’s offices is prevented.
  • Taxpayers who had been previously called to concur to the SII but have not been able to attend will be contacted to continue the process remotely, not being therefore considered as an eventual infraction.
  • Besides providing training for tax officials, Chinese tax authorities have disseminated all the policies and measures to tax and fee payers via a variety of platforms. These include official websites, hotlines, WeChat (a multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app) and text messages, and have responded to questions through online interviews and video demonstrations. In detail, the State Tax Administration (STA):

    • Published a set of frequently asked questions: 166 frequently asked questions and answers pertinent to hot policies have been published.
    • Published detailed guidance for on-line service: The STA has published a detailed list of 185 matters that can be processed online to encourage and guide tax and fee payers to handle these matters in a self-service manner and encouraged regional tax authorities to provide an even wider range of service;
    • Provided customised service via hotline and WeChat: Tax officials have answered customised questions and satisfied the needs of tax and fee payers via platforms such as 12366 Taxpayer Service Hotline and WeChat.
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